The Loaves & Fishes Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

The current anticipated cost of constructing our new church is $12,000,000 – this is our overall campaign goal. Our plan is to reach $4,000,000 in cash by the end of 2019. We currently have $800,000 in our reserve fund.
Once we have reached $4,000,000 in case donations, we will be able to start construction while continuing in to raise funds to reach our campaign goal.
Once we have $4,000,000 in case donations, we can receive a loan from the Archdiocese's Family of Faith campaign. This loan will be for a maximum of $4,000,000 and interest-free for 5 years.
We have the option to take out an interest-bearing loan from the Archdiocese of Toronto at 4% interest. Note that the more we raise in case and pledges, the less we have to borrow.
The current St. Patrick's church building will be used as our chapel and provide for the smaller services and other ministry needs. The current priest's residence will also continue in its current function.
As mentioned, we can start construction when the initial $4,000,000 in case is raised which was projected to be by early 2020 at the time the campaign started. The building will be completed in phases, with priority given to the sacred space. We had hoped to have the first Masses to take place in the new space by the end of 2021.
The initial cash required to kick off the construction is required within the next two years. The 5-year pledge ensures that we can minimize the load amount required as well as the amount of interest we will have to pay. It also offers a longer term for people who cannot give the full amount of their wishes in 2 years. Everyone is encouraged to make a 5-year pledge. Raising these funds over a 5-year period will help us to achieve our goals without placing undue financial pressure upon our parishioners and community supporters. Knowing the intentions of parishioners at the beginning of the period allows the parish to plan. All pledges can be changed at any time and are not legally binding. We realize that some people may not be in a position to pledge for this period of time. Gifts are given one year at a time over the 5-year campaign are also most appreciated. As we progress, we will consider another campaign after the 5-year period.
Parishioners will be kept informed by regular progress reports in the bulletin, occasional pulpit announcements and updates on the parish website. There will also be a display in the parish lobby. Look for our campaign thermometer to monitor our financial progress and our loaves and fishes to monitor our progress in visiting or connecting each and every parishioner at St. Patrick's Church.
All parishioners will be invited to make a proportionate gift (above their weekly offerings) in accordance with their income and as an expression of their faith and commitment to the parish.
Yes. Only two or three people at the parish will have access to the pledge amounts – the Treasurers (two) and volunteers as needed. The Archdiocese will manage the pledge administration.
Your gift should represent a meaningful and proportionate donation (above your regular weekly offerings) in accordance with your financial ability to give. A Guideline has been provided for your prayerful consideration. We are also asking that parishioners consider donating the bulk of their gift in the first two years if possible, so that we will be able to start construction in 2020.
Yes, all gifts to the campaign are over and above your weekly offering. You will receive a tax receipt for the portion you give to the campaign.
Yes. All pledges are non-legally binding and only an expression of our commitment. All gifts can be changed at any time by contacting the parish office or the Donations Processing Centre of the Archdiocese by e-mail at or by phone at 416-934-3400 ext. 536.
Absolutely! All gifts are gratefully appreciated! We understand that annual gifts may be forthcoming in the five years in lieu of pledging and people may make the kind and frequency of gift that they desire.
Yes, we accept gifts of publicly traded securities (stocks or other marketable securities). Gifts-in-kind, annuities, gifts of personal property, life insurance and other Planned Gifts are also accepted. For more information, please contact Quentin Schesnuik by e-mail at or by phone at 416-934-3400 ext. 561.
As the gift to the Loaves and Fishes campaign is a sacrificial gift, parishioners are asked to maintain their commitment to other priorities, including ShareLife and their weekly parish offertory collections.
Additional information is available from any one of our Campaign Committee members. Or email us at Thank you for your generosity!