The operation of our Lady of knock, Our lady of knock with Saint John the evangelist and Saint Joseph and on the right an image of a lamb on an altar which appeared on the back of a church wall at the base of the image there are faithful waiting and watching our lady

Our Lady of Knock

"On a wet dark August evening in 1879,  the villagers of this place were in their small thatched cottages gathered around their turf fires from which they took warmth and light on such a terrible night. They had spent day doing the usual work of the harvest time of the year – gathering hay, bringing turf home from the bog. Suddenly word spread that something extraordinary was happening at the Church and so they hurried to the windswept gable where they witnessed a heavenly vision surrounded in a brilliant white light" (Knock Shrine). 

Prayer to Our Lady of Knock

knock with flowers
Lady of Knock Hymn
Our community has fell in love with this beautiful hymn. Read it's lyrics and listen to Irish singer Cathy Maguire sing Lady of Knock. Feel free to also download and print a copy of the song sheet so that you too can sing along.
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About The Knock Shrine
Knock is Ireland's International Eucharistic & Marian Shrine. Since the Apparition on the 21st of August 1879, pilgrims and visitors have been welcomed to Knock Shrine. We offer a peaceful, contemplative space in which to pray, to reflect and to reconnect. Here at Knock, we pray with you and for you.
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