The Loaves & Fishes Campaign

A Prayer for the Building of Our New Church

Heavenly Father,

send your Holy Spirit upon us, your people.

Fill our minds and hearts with the fire of your love.

In the mystery of your divine plan,

give us vision to seek your truth,

and grant us the strength and courage

to lovingly accept your will.

Give us guidance in the decisions we must make,

so that in all we do,

we do it for the honour and glory of your Name.

Grant that the work we do now,

as we prepare the road to build our new place of worship,

will ensure the presence of your reign on earth,

until you come in glory.

Help us to see that what we must build

is not just brick and stone,

but love, compassion, and understanding among all people.

In your love, hear our prayer for vision and guidance,

which we make in the name of Jesus Christ,

your Son, our Saviour and Lord.


A church in the making