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“run, jump, shout, but do not sin.“

Chalice assembly and water and wine placed on top of altar
We encourage all our youth to attend Mass weekly. As a way of encouraging our youth to attend Mass, a majority of our youth nights begin with an evening Mass. Youth, their families, and our leaders gather and participate in the celebration of Mass before our youth activities begin.
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Dinners & Snacks
It is important to feed our youth both spiritually and physically. After being at the heavenly table during Mass we then gather around the dinner table on Saturday nights or a snack during the week to eat and spend time in fellowship. We are incredibly grateful for the generous support of Pizza Nova, who has kindly donated Pizza Dinners for numerous Youth Ministry Nights. We encourage you to show your support for Pizza Nova by ordering their mouth-watering pizzas from the comfort of your own home. Indulge in their delectable offerings while supporting a company that cares about the community.
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At each of our Youth Nights, there is always a moment where we learn about our faith. Together with a biblical passage and the theme of the night, we share with our youth our faith and love for Christ.
In the spirit of Don Bosco, our Youth Ministry patron saint, we always remind our youth to “run, jump, shout, but do not sin.“ At each of our Youth Nights, we have activities that relate to our theme and conversation of the night.
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salesian good night
Salesian Good Night
We end each of our Youth Nights with a goodnight talk. This talk is a short story or reflection and a time for silence that we leave with the youth as they go home to have a good night's rest. The good night comes from the Salesians of Don Bosco. After this goodnight thought we end with a moment of prayer before sending our youth home.
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