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Belief Brief - Does God Have a Plan for My Life?

Posted : Jun-22-2018

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Does God really have a plan for my life? Does he have my best interests at heart? This question tends to be on the mind of many people, more particularly, our students and young people as they enter graduation season and embark on new paths, come summer and most especially, in September.

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Church tells us that we are designed to be in complete fulfillment with God. God's plan for our life is that we be happy, healthy and holy. We can only become that if we allow ourselves to know and love God, serve him in this life, then prepare to be forever happy with Him in the next life.

In this week's brief and as we approach the end of the school year and graduation season, we're happy to share with you our video resource on God's plan for our life with Maria Espinoza of St. Patrick's Parish in Mississauga.