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Join Cardinal Collins for Lectio Divina on Sunday, April 5

Posted : Apr-01-2020

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The Sunday, April 5th session of Lectio Divina is going ahead as planned, even though St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica will be closed to the public. Thanks to technology, Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, will lead us in prayer and reflection while we remain in the comfort of our homes.

The evening will begin at 7 p.m. with Vespers (Evening Prayer) and Lectio Divina will begin at 7:30 (ending at roughly 8:15 p.m.).

Lectio Divina is a 2,000 year old spiritual tradition where Christians prayerfully and attentively read Scripture in the hopes of getting closer to God. It is different than Bible study, where one interprets and analyzes Scripture. Rather Lectio Divina is about letting the Word of God into our hearts as much as into our heads.

Lectio Divina will be livestreamed on the St. Michael’s Cathedral website and its Facebook page. It will also be broadcasted on Salt+Light TV (to learn how to watch Salt+Light, click here).

Whether this will be your first Lectio Divina or if you are a long-time attendee, many could benefit from this spiritual accompaniment during these difficult times.