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New Documentaries Make the Case for Blessed Michael McGivney’s Sainthood

Posted : Feb-18-2021

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​In an effort to see their founder canonized, the Knights of Columbus have released two documentaries that recount the life and legacy of Blessed Fr. Michael McGivney. 

McGivney founded the Knights of Columbus so lay Catholic men could join together to overcome the prejudice and poverty that many of the faithful experienced in the late-19th century USA.  

Today the Knights of Columbus are the world’s largest Catholic fraternal order. There are two million Knights of Columbus members around the world, including more than 200,000 in Canada. In 2019, knights donated $187 million USD to charity and provided 77 million in service hours.  

On October 31, 2020, Pope Francis declared McGivney a blessed, after there was a confirmed miracle through his intercession when a child with a fatal condition was cured in utero.  

The Knights of Columbus invite everyone to join the Father Michael J. McGivney Guild to pray for this canonization and to receive updates on its progress – more than 177,000 people have already joined the guild. 

 You can watch the documentaries in the links below.

“Blessed Father Michael McGivney” 

“A Witness for the World: The Global Impact of Blessed Michael McGivney” 

The documentaries also come with Korean, Polish and Spanish subtitles (a French version will be released in March).