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Photo of Brampton historical site sign located at front of church building on a red brick wall
Parish History
First established in 1830 as the Catholic Mission of Toronto-Gore, St. Patrick's in Wildfield is the second-oldest parish in what is now the Archdiocese of Toronto. Learn more about the community, and the historic building that now stands on the site.
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St. Patrick
Our Parish Patron
Many know him as the Patron Saint of Ireland, but few know of his full story. View resources to know more about our parish patron.
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Fr. Francis McSpiritt
Our Saintly Builder
Fr. Francis McSpiritt is known as a healer and a mystic. His intercessory prayers have brought about many gifts from God even to the present day. He oversaw the construction of the current church building and is now buried in the parish cemetery. Learn more about the story of the beloved Fr. Mac.
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