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Gala 2019

Beloved friends, it is with great joy and gratitude that I announce the results of our First Gala for the building of the NeChurch. The total amount raised from the sale of tickets, the donors, the advertisements, the sponsors and the gifts received, and above all, the prayers offered, we have reached the unexpected amount of $715,173.00THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! And many blessings upon all! We rejoice in what the hard work of so many has accomplished and we look forward to exciting results ifuture events. Yes! We have gained much, but we know that the road ahead is much longer and challenging. Yet we are confident that with everyone’s love for the Church of Godwith everyone’s prayer and commitments, each acceding to his or her own capacity; wwilmeet our goal. I repeat my gratitude tyou all: the Gala Committee, the volunteers, the donors, the participants, and all of you, beloved community for your love and prayers. In the meantime, we look at what lies ahead of us and continue our commitment in whatever way possible.

Asking for God’s blessings upon our journey together.  I invite you to MARK THDATE FOR NEXT YEAR’S GALA Friday, October 16, 2020.

With prayerful best wishes........Fr. Vito